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About Us

Luxury Escapes is all about inspiring oneself, exploring new lands, discovering new stories, understanding the mysteries of the world and its place, and going on the next best adventure! We will give you opportunities to head out on the most exciting and exhilarating journeys of your life, and explore all the hidden corners, nooks and crannies of Europe to revive and inspire yourself.

Ever since our advent, we at Luxury Escapes have been assisting al those who wish to go on a lavish dream vacations in great luxury and comfort. We strive to provide our cherished travellers the true value of their money, a courteous and charming customer service, and an adventure is worth one’s life!


Are you dreaming about a taking a cruise in Montenegro or perhaps, relaxing on a luxury holiday in Montenegro?

We at Luxury Escapes pioneer in allowing adventurers the opportunity to discover new places, and indulge in experiences that are exhilarating and truly thrilling with great ease, flexibility and comfort. We understand that the holiday season is the most awaited season on the calendar, and when it arrives, we greet you with tantalizing and tempting travel packages that ensure you have the most memorable holiday and the trip of a lifetime.

We do not just take you to see some of the mainstream and popular destinations and make you stay in moth ridden, dingbat hotels. Quite the contrary, we make sure our travellers get to see the more unexplored, uninhibited and wildly beautiful destinations of Europe, along with enjoy luxurious summer and winter vacations at good value of their investment.

We tempt and delight our travellers with several special deals, and our latest offers are the deals on breaks to the up-and-coming trips. Currently, Zeta Jet is concentrated South-East Europe, Montenegro and Serbian Republic, Olympiccentar Jahorina.

Are you seeking an escape, or a romantic getaway where you can just get lost in the Mediterranean, or perhaps, the glorious mountains of Montenegro? We will make sure your escape is luxurious and lavishly comfortable. You may be a stock broker, a heart surgeon, a real estate broker, an investment banker, a politician or a university student. If you are looking to get away, give it all up and just run away, we have all the right opportunities to help you recharge, revitalize and inspire yourself to begin afresh. Nature is the antidote to stress, you need to escape into wilderness and its primitive beauty to shed off all the qualms of the world.


Why book with Zeta Jet?

  • World class hotels, some that have been ranked among the best places in the world by Robb Report 2016
  • Lavish accommodation
  • The dedicated and reliable assistance of Zeta Jet looking out for your wellbeing
  • A chance to feast your eyes on the most beautiful bay in the world in a variety of choices, the Kotor Bay from the top of a mountain, from the air, or even by sea.
  • An opportunity to shed away all the worldly problems, fatigue and anxiety; and revitalize your mind, body and soul to feel cleansed and new again.
  • Delight your taste buds with the best gastro and wild sea food available in the whole wide world.
  • A trunk load of memories that you can cherish forever.
  • A chance to see cities filled with historic splendour and rich in cultures that date back over 2000 and BC
  • Enjoy a relaxing day at the top 10 European spas.
  • Connect with the wilderness of nature, and let the picturesque national parks take your breath away.
  • Enjoying yachting around Montenegro, Croatia, Italy and Greece.
  • A dream vacation to enjoy with friends, or your entire family.
  • Enjoy a diligent service where customers never hear the word NO
  • Ski in the thrilling Olympic Mountains, where various world famous skiers were awarded great fame and medals in 1984.

We also plan to introduce travellers, who seek relaxation, to several resorts that provide natural mineral and thermal spas. We assure you that our travel consultants are recruited and trained with great care to maintaining our high standards of providing our clients the very best of assistance, specialist knowledge, and reliable guidance. Our consultants will be vigilantly at your disposal throughout the planning and booking of your trip, along with looking after all your needs throughout your journey and stay.

We regularly review all the locations, hotels and resorts to make sure they adhere to our standards of health, safety, quality accommodation and diligently dutiful customer service. We also encourage our travellers to give us their feedback and share their problems without any hesitation so that we can make all the necessary improvements to ease their discomfort.