Charter costs

5 hour sailing
May | June | September | October
2600 €
5 hours
10 hour sailing
May | June | September | October
4800 €
10 hours
5 hour sailing
July | August
2800 €
5 hours
10 hour sailing
July | August
5200 €
10 hours

Cruising with Zeta Jet is comfortably and very enjoyable. Our 80 feet, 24m long Catamaran is an extremely spacious and luxurious water beast that easily accommodates 96 guests on board. Needless to say, it is designed to facilitate guests on one day cruises.
Hiring availability:
The Catamaran is available to be hired between the months of May-October
Timings: 08:00am-01:00am.
The Catamaran will be tailored made to meet all your requests and expectations. We will provide you several spacious shared areas for your luxury, these include:

  • Sunbathing zone
  • Fully equipped bar
  • Siting lounge

At Zeta Jet, we make sure your cruise around the beautiful Kotor Bay in Montenegro and beyond in the class and comfort of our super powered catamaran. Everything and anything can be tailored to facilitate your needs. With our welcoming and highly courteous crew, and the reliably lavish services of Zeta jet, a cruise around the coastlines of one of the most stunning bays, Kotor Bays, will be your luxury vacation dream come true!
Hollywood Stars and Music icons share a profound love for the scenic beauty of Montenegro, Kotor Bay and the Adriatic Sea. We know all their favourite spots, along with the trendiest restaurants, clubs, bars and much more. Are you seeking a high profile, luxury vacation in Montenegro, or cruise beyond its splendid coastlines and the Adriatic Sea? We know the perfect accommodation, entertainment and dining destinations to make your vacation a dreamy rollercoaster ride.
Do you want to join in on luxury vacation opportunities and feast your eyes on the beauty of the 10 must visit places in the whole world? Our Catamaran can be all yours for 3-10 hours, starting from 2600 Euros.
We have different routes to accommodate all your travel wishes, special hours and romantic getaways. Our special late tours are available late into night, up until Perhaps, you may want to discover the magnificence of a starry night lying aboard the deck, and hearing the sea splash around you late into the night. We will make sure all your wanderlust dreams come to reality in great comfort and luxury!
Charter Timings:

Beginning Time Ending Time
09:00 am 14:00 pm
14:30 pm 19:30 pm
20:00 pm 01:00 am

Our prices include:

  • A room can accommodate up to 60 people, all other additional guests will come aboard upon an additional cost of 20 Euros.
  • A friendly crew that is vigilantly at your service.
  • Standard sound equipment with all other additional equipment that is applicable to charges.
  • Booking for embankment and dismemberment in our Marina time.
  • Fuel for the Catamaran is our responsibility

Other services that we make available at an additional cost:

  • A professional DJ
  • Animation and guide services to keep you entertained and well-informed about the region.
  • Our local five stars restaurants are waiting to be explored with an assortment of cuisines and beverages to delight your taste buds. We can also hire a professional chef to give you the luxury of delicious home cooked delicacies of the region.
  • We will be ecstatic to organise a romantic lunch, or a dinner for you and your friends at one of the trendiest restaurants in Montenegro and its coastlines.
  • We allow you to choose the Marina you wish to embank and disembark on.
  • Do you have any special requests? Do you want to head on a cruise around Montenegro for 10 days, or perhaps, 15 days? We will be happy to accommodate all time durations and special requests.

Additional Information:
How many adults and children are travelling with you?
Note: All individuals who are 16 and above are considered as adults.
Provide us your address and contact details.

Special Events:
A tailored chartered is a part of our lavish deal, and we make sure everything is well suited to accommodate all your exclusive and personal requirements. We provide you the option of private hire, if you want to get lost in the sea with your better half, we at Zeta Jet are your one-stop destinations to make romantic dreams come true.
We are happy to help you make your day special, or perhaps, help you bring happiness to your family and friends on their special occasions.

Our services include:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Romantic Weddings
  • VIP tours

And all other events that you may possibly want to throw in the beautiful wilderness of Montenegro.

Charter Availability:

  • Half day
  • One day
  • One day and one night
  • One and a half day + one night

We will be happy to accommodate other time requirements as well.

Unforgettable 7 day charter escape from Montenegro to Croatia

Explore the most beautiful places the Adriatic Sea has to offer
Tivat - Zelenika - Cavtat- Dubrovnik - Lopud - Mljet - Korcula - Hvar - Vis - Korcula - Lastovo -Shipan - Cavtat - Zelenika - Tivat
7 days

Day 1

We leave Tivat for Zelenika, the journey is 8 miles long, and it will take us an hour to arrive at our destination.

Once we reach Zelenika in Montenegro, we will head out to Cavtat in Croater, and then, leave for Dubrovnik, where we will enjoy a luxurious overnight stay.

Day 2

We leave Dubrovnik for the majestically beautiful island of Lopud, also known as Shunji. The day will be spent enjoy the glorious Lopud island, splashing around in the waves and exploring the natural beauty of the splendid island.

Towards the evening, we begin our journey to the island of Mljet, this is where we will stay the night.

From Dubrovnik we head on to the island of Lopud /Shunji where we spend all day swimming.

Day 3

We enjoy a delicious breakfast, overlooking the sea on the island of Mljet, and then, head towards our next destination, which is the scenic island of Korchula. We will stay the night in the town Korchula.

Day 4

We will visit the island of Hvar, and spend a glorious day exploring the town of Hvar. We’ll stay here overnight and delight our taste buds with the tantalizing delicacies of the region.

Day 5

We start our journey towards Vis, and we spend most of the day exploring the lovely town of Vis. Towards the evening we head back to Korchula and Vela Luka for a comfortable night cap.

Day 6

We will spend the day exploring the awe-striking island of Lastovo and feasting our eyes at its natural beauty.

Day 7

We wake up in the morning to head back to the Island of Shipan, from where we will leave for Cavtat, then Zelenika Montenegro, and finally, we head out to Tivat, where our beautiful journey comes to an end.

14 days charter | Montenegro - Italy - Greece

14 days

Day 1

We leave Tivat for the village Rose, which is 8miles away, and it will take us an one hour to get there. Once we arrive in Rose, we will spend our day sailing and splashing around in the water. We will enjoy a delicious lunch at Forte Restaurant.

We will then check in Zelenika, leave Montenegro and begin our journey towards Italy, which will last for 17 hours.

Day 2

We in Bari in the morning and stay at the marina facing the old town of Porto Vecchio. We spend the entire day swimming, feasting the eyes at the splendours of the city, the magnificient church of St. Nikola, and then a delicious lunch. We will later enjoy a fabulous dinner, a luxurious overnight stay here.

Day 3

We say our goodbyes to Bari, and pass through the town of Torre a Mare, that is a 45 minute journey. Then, we make another 45 minute journey to pass by the town of Moladi Bari. Following that, we arrive at Calaponte, another 45 minute journey, we stay here for lunch at a magnificent restaurant that is located on top of the rock and offers a spectacular view of the sea!

After lunch, we head for the town of Monopoly, the journey will take us 45 minutes, and we will settle here for the night.

Day 4

In the morning, we continue our journey towards Tore Canne, which should take us around 1 hour and 15 minutes. Once we reach our destination, we will engage in a great deal of swimming and sun bathing. Then, we shall take off for the Villanova, which is nearly 50 minutes away. We shall enjoy a boat ride, and then a taxi van will take us into the town of Ostuni, which is located on the hill, only 7km away from the sea. We will dine atop the boat, and then enjoy a lovely nightcap atop the sea.

Day 5

We leave for Brindisi in the morning, and enjoy a day of swimming, lots of sightseeing, and of course, a lavish arrangement for both, lunch and dinner. We shall also enjoy an overnight stay at Brinidisi.

Day 6

Our destination for the day is Otranto, which is 5 hours and 15 minutes away. Once we get there, you will get to enjoy a great deal of splashing around the waves, touring the city, and just being free, wandering around on your own. Dinner, our last activity of the day, will be splendid as always.

Day 7

We say goodbye to Otranto, and begin our voyage to Greece, Corfu. We stop after 5 hours and 30 minutes to enjoy some sailing on a picturesque little island located in the Strait of Otranto, Otono. The island hosts around a dozen homes and several taverns to give us luxurious accommodation for an overnight stay.

Day 8

We arrive at the Marina Gouvia, which is a 4 hours and 30 minutes long journey. We spend the day exploring Provodina, and enjoy a night cap there as well.

Day 9

We welcome the beauty of the exotic island of Paxos, and enjoy a glorious day lying around in the sand, swimming with the currents and getting a glorious sun tan. Bed time on the island will be just as peaceful, the sound of waves splashing against the rocks will work wonders to soothe your mind.

Day 10

An exhilarating 45 minute swim to the island of Antipaxos that will leave you thrilled and extremely famished, so we’ll then head out for a feast of a lunch at Poleokostricia. We will spend the day exploring the place, along with an overnight stay.

Day 11

This days is going to be a serious delight for a sea lover, for it is all about sailing, being out in the open sea and splashing around the water, fighting against the currants. And when we’re done enjoying the beauty of the sea, we’ll enjoy a romantic and dreamy night stay at the beautiful caves that are so famous of Greece.

Day 12

We arrive back in Otranto in 7 hours and 30 minutes, and once we get back to our hotels, we just hit the sack and let the fatigue of all the excitement, fun and adventure wear off until we can go crazy all over again.

Day 13

You get to enjoy a great deal of time on your own, you can take walks in the beautiful region, enjoy swimming, or have a romantic lunch for two in the town. We will depart for Montenegro in the afternoon.

Day 14

We report to make our journey back to Budva or even Zelenika, whichever you chose. We spend a glorious last day swimming at one of the magnificent bays of Montenegro. We enjoy lunch at the Fishing Village, and later in the afternoon, we begin our journey back to Tivat marina, where all the fun had begun.

This charter is subject to change due to the weather and, we will be happy to make suitable changes to accommodate all your choices or preferences along the way.

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